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Cross-platform Mobile apps

Ours is a team of dedicated developers who have in-depth knowledge of Xamarin technology and extensive experience in developing mobile applications for multiple business verticals, irrespective of size. Building mobile apps with Xamarin saves time in development which in turns reduces overall costs and efforts.

Xamarin, being an integral part of Xamarin Visual Studio IDE, provides access to an extensive range of functionalities and features that can be used to generate high-performance real-native binary code output. Our experts at GSIT leverage the benefits of shared code base of Xamarin cross platform tool for building scalable and feature packed mobile applications that deliver device specific app experiences. Creating a single code and re-using it across multiple platforms saves development time and costs while ensuring faster time to market.

The luxury of code reusability speeds up the app development process and offer a faster time to market the app. Rapid mobile app development (RMAD), code reusability, lower development costs, faster to market, fewer bugs, easy integration and great community and assistance are some of the key factors that make Xamarin app development a preferred choice among businesses globally.