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Our Products

SAP Services GSIT's SAP solutions can address any business need, helping improve your organization’s profitability and efficiency. We work across the entire SAP software stack to deliver innovative, cost-optimizing solutions tailored to your business. Solutions cover every functional area—from core ERP, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, and customer relationship management—through enterprise performance management, governance, compliance and risk management. More>>
Warehouse Management System A good warehouse management solution empowers managers to make better decisions about inventory stocking, movement, and employee efficiency because information is accurate and readily accessible.More>>
Rental Management System Rental Management is need of requirement for organizations which deals with the products, equipments, assets rented to the customer for specific time and get the returns after the tenure is over.Moree>>
Accounts Financial and accounting module that covers: General accountings Cost / Analytic accounting Third party accounting Taxes management Budgets Customer and Supplier Invoices Bank statements Reconciliation process by partner More>>
School Lan Admin Monitor students by using the Thumbnail view to quickly see each student's screen from a distance and keep them on task. Use the chat function to communicate and help students with their project. See your entire class from any device OS including: Chromebooks, Windows, Macs, iOS and Android. Other features such as Screen Snapshot, Internet History and Keystroke Monitoring help maintain a safe environment for all students.
Teach more effectively by broadcasting the teacher screen to the rest of the class. Select students’ screens to showcase their work. Easily co-browse the internet, so students go exactly where you do. Distribute polls or quick quizzes and share instant results with the class. Use remote control for quick assistance to students.
Web Development GSIT offers robust, reliable and secure enterprise portal development services according to the customized needs of our clients and we provide custom web development and programming services based on the latest technologies and industry trends.
Mobile App To provide superior Mobile solutions and professional services, creatively tailored to the needs of businesses in the Middle East .
Video Conferencing The ability for people to collaborate―to work together―is mission-critical for any organization. Project meetings. Sales meetings. Product development meetings. GSIT Solutions extend your communications and integrates into your everyday work flow.
When you require high quality video conferencing and want to avoid burdening your IT staff and resources, VidyoCloud provides instant video collaboration without time-consuming and costly deployment.
Security Systems One of the keys to our success in this dynamic industry is a strong global brand. And it is an essential element for achieving our strategic goal of innovative leadership in our core business.
IT Infrastructure Service GSIST Offers Networking and Communications keyboard solutions across kingdom of Saudi Arabia since a decade. We provide services in the field of networking technologies providing solutions that cover the entire gamut of technologies including Satellite, Microwave, Optical fiber, UTP, Communication software, data security, network protocols More>>